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Premier Protein miniaturizes its popular beverage and squeezes 22g of protein into it

Premier Protein Shake Mini

Premier Protein has a couple of ready-to-drink protein products on the market; both provide the same benefits of a clean nutrition profile loaded with protein and come in the same extensive selection of flavors, but one is in a bottle and the other a tetra pak. There is now a third protein beverage from the mainstream-level nutrition company that is practically the same again but not in size; introducing the Premier Protein Shake Mini, which is essentially a miniaturized version, although it’s not that much smaller.

The all-new Premier Protein Shake Mini has a volume of 8.75oz, again, not a huge drop off from the 11.5oz plastic bottle or 11oz carton. The nutrition has been scaled to match, packing the product with 22g of protein from the same primary sources of milk concentrate and calcium caseinate. The rest of the macros filling out the label are, again, essentially scaled down from the original 11 and 11.5oz Premier Protein Shakes with 3g of carbohydrates, a gram of that sugar, 2g of fat, and respectable calories of 120.

The Premier Protein Shake Mini is arriving alongside its other innovation to start out the year in the Bake Shop Series flavor Cookie Dough, for the two regular sizes of the Premier Protein Shake. As for flavors for the more compact protein beverage, it’ll be hitting the market with three to choose from, all of which fans will be familiar with as they’re already available with the classic Chocolate and Vanilla, and a sweet Caramel.