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Potent pre-workout Stampede from Project AD is making a return with a fresh new formula

Project Ad Announces Stampede Rebirth

Project AD, or Anabolic Designs, is known for pumping out some serious sports nutrition supplements; in fact, it still holds the title for the most intense thermogenesis in a fat burner for us, going a few years back to Shredabull Untamed. Another category that has a strong presence is pre-workout by way of something called Stampede. That, too, has featured some intense and potent formulas over the years, and here in 2024, right at the beginning, Project AD is resurrecting Stampede for a new and modern blend of ingredients.

The formula behind the 2024 edition of Project AD’s Stampede has not been shared yet, although the full reveal and availability are not far away. The reputable brand won’t be adding anything to the title, like V2, Ultimate, or Hardcore, keeping it as just Stampede. The reason notification of the supplement coming is worth getting out there is that we are talking about Project AD here, and again, it has pumped out solid supplements over the years to the extent that it’s worth watching what it does in major categories like pre-workout.

The only real details we can see are that Project AD’s upcoming Stampede, which we’ll call Stampede Rebirth to avoid confusion, will have that premium 40 regular and 20 maximum serving split and a tub weight stretching over 400g, giving the intriguing pre-workout a hefty serving size of over 20g. The product will also have two flavors to choose from in Orange Tang and Strawberry Bubble Gum, but definitely stay tuned here at Stack3d, as we’ll be posting up the formula for Stampede Rebirth as soon as we can.