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Quamtrax stays on the functional path and makes a Maltesers-like protein snack

Quamtrax Nutrition Protein Balls

Quamtrax Nutrition has been immensely busy these last couple of months, releasing a host of new functional foods, and like its other offerings in that area of the industry, they’ve all been relatively intriguing and interesting, including the Twinkie-like Oh My Series, Oh My Twiny. The excitement continues at the sports nutrition and healthy snacking company this week with the introduction of Protein Balls, and in typical Quamtrax fashion, this is no ordinary protein bar, premixed shake, or anything common.

Quamtrax Nutrition’s Protein Balls is, as you’d expect, a bag of balls, tipping the scales at 46g each and featuring a 34% protein percentage, working out to a solid 15.8g a bag from milk protein and hydrolyzed collagen. The other macros are more than reasonable, with 13.5g of fat, a light 4.1g of carbohydrates, 1.4g of sugar, and 219 calories. What you really want to know about is the build of the snack, and it is indeed intriguing, with the bags filled with crispy and crunchy balls that are covered in milk chocolate,

Again, Quamtrax Nutrition releases more functional foods than it does anything else, especially lately, and Protein Balls is a continuation of that, not to mention a delicious continuation. You’ll be able to get your hands on the product from any of the brand’s usual stockists in its home county of Spain as well as neighboring countries in Europe.

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