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Testosterone booster Flash Bang announced and launching soon at Redcon1

Redcon1 Announces Flash Bang

In its first few years on the market, Redcon1 was relentless when it came to new releases and product extensions, dropping flavors and completely new supplements all over the show, hence why it won our Brand Of The Year award back-to-back. That has not been the case in more recent years with the hugely successful sports nutrition company, as the last all-new Redcon1 product was the MRE Protein Muffin and Brookie, but in terms of supplements, we’d have to go back to Total War Black Ops, which was a spin-off.

We’re mentioning all of this as the two-time Brand Of The Year has announced the launch of its first entirely new sports nutrition product since C-Burn two years ago, introducing Flash Bang. The upcoming supplement is going to be a testosterone booster, built to naturally boost testosterone levels, enhance libido and drive, and improve strength and recovery. The benefits are similar to most products of this type, although it is worth mentioning this is far from the brand’s first foray into this area of the industry.

Redcon1 has pumped out several testosterone boosters and muscle builders over the years, including its original ten-capsule Boom Stick, MOAB, 11-Bravo, Halo, the ecdysterone-based War Zone, and the creatine-fueled Tango. All of those products are still on the market, which has us thinking that whatever is in Redcon1’s Flash Bang; it won’t likely cross over with any of those. We will find out shortly what exactly is in the testosterone booster as it is expected to hit the market sometime soon, and it should have a relatively respectable set of ingredients, as it features a spacious four-capsule serving size.