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Markus Rühl’s energy drink flavor of clear protein powder joins its pre-workout menu

Ruhls Bestes Energy Flavor Booster

Markus Ruhl’s brand Rühls Bestes recently released a bunch of new flavors for one of its two clear-style protein powders in Hydro-Clear, featuring premium and high-quality hydrolyzed whey isolate. Among that barrage of extensions was the intriguingly named creation Energy Flavor, inspired by the classic syrupy taste of a caffeinated beverage. The legendary bodybuilder and brand have now taken that certainly unique flavor and carried it over to its premier pre-workout, aptly named Ass-Kicking Booster.

Rühls Bestes has officially launched its Energy Flavor Ass-Kicking Booster this week, and similar to the identically titled taste for Hydro-Clear protein powder, the drop looks to provide a similar experience to a traditional syrup energy drink, but of course, in the form of a powder pre-workout. Fans can grab it immediately directly through the brand’s online store and with its usual five ingredients, including 4g of beta-alanine, arginine, citrulline malate, tyrosine for focus, and a respectably strong 300mg of caffeine.

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