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Skinny Food makes its own oat milk with no added sugar and a very reasonable price

Skinny Food Oat Drink

The team at the hard-working and ever-expanding functional powerhouse The Skinny Food Co has put together something for fans to simply add to their usual purchase that they may be getting somewhere else, or at least something similar to this. The UK-based brand has created Oat Drink, which is not a mistake; it is meant to read Oat Drink, not oat milk; however, with that said, Skinny Food has designed this as essentially its version of oat milk without any added sugar, and it has absolutely no palm oil.

The Skinny Food Co’s Oat Drink is made with water, oats, rapeseed oil, and a bit of sea salt, with a nutrition profile of a 100ml serving being 700mg of protein, 5.7g of carbohydrates with 3.5g of that sugar, 3g of fat, and a calorie count of 54. Those macros aren’t too far off other oat milks on the market, although, as mentioned earlier, the benefit with this coming from Skinny Food is that you can just add it to your order when purchasing your favorite better-for-you snacks and zero to low-calorie condiments.

The Skinny Food Co has also done a great job on price, making Oat Drink relatively reasonable compared to more mainstream offerings, like Alpro No Sugar Oat Milk, which goes for £2 at the major UK supermarket Iceland. Through the functional food company’s online store, Oat Drink will cost you £2.11 for the same one-liter size, or if you want to bring the price down a little bit and don’t mind going big, there is a bulk bundle available with half a dozen cartons at £11.24, working out to £1.87 a piece.