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Slate puts 20g of protein and low carbohydrates into its canned chocolate milk and lattes

Slate Milk Protein Shake

If you’re on the hunt for a different sort of protein RTD or on-the-go protein shake, you may want to check out Slate Milk, which just became available for purchase at The Vitamin Shoppe. The brand promotes its products not as protein shakes but as protein chocolate milk or protein lattes, but they still have solid protein numbers. There are six flavors to choose from, and of those six, three of them are latte-inspired, which means they come with a bit of energizing caffeine for an authentic experience.

The regular flavors of Slate Milk’s protein chocolate milk are Classic Chocolate, the more decadent Dark Chocolate, and French Vanilla Shake; then on the latte side, there is Mocha Latte, Vanilla Latte, and Caramel Latte. They’re mostly made with the same key ingredients, including skim milk, the sugar alternative allulose, added vitamins, and the natural sweetener monk fruit. The nutrition doesn’t vary much between flavors, leading off with a strong 20g of protein, between zero and a gram of fat, a light 1 to 3g of net carbohydrates, and a respectable calorie count for that amount of protein from 100 to 120.

Introducing Slate Protein Chocolate Milk

The key difference between the flavors is what we touched on earlier, in that the latte-themed flavors — Mocha Latte, Vanilla Latte, and Caramel Latte — are made with brewed coffee and natural caffeine, while the others — Classic Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, French Vanilla Shake — are not. The amount of caffeine you get alongside the 20g of protein and 100 to 120 calories is energy drink-like at 175mg in a single 11oz can; in fact, if you throw down two of these, you’re bridging into the territory of a pre-workout.

You can purchase any of the flavors of Slate Milk’s canned protein drink through its online store with a convenient selection of options. There are packs of 12 at $36.99 in your choice of any one flavor, or get a preset variety bundle like the Energy Pack, Chocolate Pack, or Core Pack featuring a mix of three tastes. There is a Build Your Own Box function, although it’s not the freedom you’d expect, with basically bundles of two or four cases, each case all in one flavor, but they do save some money, dropping to $33.75 a tray.

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