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ProPud leaves fans drooling with the all-new Smooth Brownie flavor of its protein bar

Smooth Brownie Propud Protein Bar

While there are a lot of flavors out there on the market, whether we’re talking protein powders, pre-workouts, or, of course, functional foods, you almost always have to have the common core tastes of chocolate and vanilla, especially the former as you can get all sorts of chocolate experiences. That is most definitely the case this week over at NJIE’s incredibly delicious protein snacking brand, ProPud, regarding its signature protein bar, as it has just added a mouthwatering and undoubtedly enjoyable chocolate extension.

NJIE’s ProPud Protein Bar already has plenty of options involving chocolate, from Hazelnut Caramel to the sweet and salty Smooth Caramel and Chocolate N’ Biscuit. Coming on board the menu to start the New Year is a Smooth Brownie ProPud Protein Bar, featuring a dense chocolate base layer, an equally thick decadent chocolate gooey filling, and all wrapped in more chocolate, but don’t let looks fool you; the product comes through with 18g of protein, 16g of carbohydrates, only half a gram of sugar, 7g of fat, and 195 calories.

The ProPud Series of products is available all across NJIE’s home country of Sweden and at some incredibly reasonable prices. The genuinely delicious-looking Smooth Brownie ProPud Protein Bar has been announced this week and should be rolling into all of those retail partners in the coming days and weeks.

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