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Switch tackles hydration with a bit of an intra-workout approach by adding some carbs

Switch Nutrition Hydrate

The incredible rise in popularity and competitiveness in the versatile hydration space has made its way down under to Australia, with the incredibly reputable and reliable sports nutrition brand Switch Nutrition getting in on the action with Hydrate Switch. Despite the immense rules and regulations in place in the country, Switch has managed to continue to pump out robust formulas with effective ingredients and dosages, and you can see that yet again in the almost intra-workout style Hydrate Switch.

We say Switch Nutrition has taken a bit more of an intra-workout approach in Hydrate Switch due to the fact it has a solid selection of essential electrolytes and a hefty source of carbohydrates. Those two sorts of ingredients plus amino acids is generally what you get in a comprehensive intra-workout to fuel endurance, performance, and recovery. With the electrolytes and carbohydrates, Hydrate Switch becomes all about supporting and improving hydration and performance.

Switch Nutrition has packed Hydrate Switch with a combined 633mg of electrolytes, breaking down into 301mg of sodium, 152mg of potassium, 125mg of magnesium, and 55mg of calcium. Alongside the hydration portion of the sports supplement, is a gram of taurine, a touch of vitamin C at 55mg, and then you have the carbohydrates. The Australian company provides 23g of endurance-fueling carbohydrates in every serving, all of which comes from fast-absorbing and quick-acting dextrose monohydrate.

Switch Nutrition is planning to make its intra-workout style Hydrate Switch available for purchase later this week through its online store at, with all of its loyal retail partners presumably following suit soon after. Fans interested in furthering their endurance and performance with the carbohydrate-backed product can look forward to taking it for a run in two flavors, Lemon Lime and Kiwi Watermelon, with a tub of 20 full servings setting you back a very reaosnable $39.95 (26.42 USD).