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Prime’s cold-activated Cherry Freeze flavor begins hitting shelves across the UK

Uk Version Of Cherry Freeze Prime Hydration Drink

The most recent flavor of beverage giant Prime’s signature Prime Hydration Drink is Cherry Freeze, and it has its own unique feature of a color-changing bottle, where it has a gradient from white to cherry red when standing but when in the cooler and cold, it goes from sky blue to red. Previously, there was only mention of the Cherry Freeze Prime Hydration Drink being available in the US, but for those in other markets wondering if it’s going international, about a month after its debut, we can confirm it is indeed.

The Cherry Freeze Prime Hydration Drink is currently making its way out to stores and stockists in the United Kingdom, and it is in the specific version for that region. The UK Prime Hydration Drink is much the same as the one here in the US, featuring a selection of electrolytes, only a gram of sugar, and 20 calories. Prime has great distribution across the pond, so fans can expect to see it in all of the usual places, from your local convenience store to supermarkets like Iceland, where it’s already available at £2 a bottle.