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Viking Power brings its premium formulation ability to the immune support space

Viking Power Helm Of Awe

Viking Power is the powerhouse sports nutrition company that took home our annual International Brand Of The Year Award for 2023, and it did so in style, delivering a strong list of impressively well-put-together formulas for all sorts of common and specialized categories. This year, it looks like it is not going to be any different, as last week we shared details on its completely new appetite-enhancing supplement Hrungnir, designed to help you take in more calories, and now we have another innovation in the headlines.

Following on from Hrungnir is Viking Power’s Helm Of Awe, another premium product but for a category the house brand from MM Sports had yet to touch in the intensely in-depth manner it has here. Helm Of Awe is a dedicated immune health supplement that brings together a blend of reliable ingredients and effective dosages to comprehensively improve, protect, and support immune health, all in a four-capsule serving.

Viking Power Helm Of Awe Label

Viking Power’s Helm Of Awe has all of the usual immunity inclusions with a solid 400mg of vitamin C, 300mg of the equally effective elderberry, magnesium, 10mg of zinc, vitamin D3 and B12, and 50mg of garlic. From there, the brand gets even further into the space with some not-so-common immune health ingredients with grape seed extract at 50mg a serving, another 50mg of ginger, turmeric, also at 50mg, 250mg each of quercetin and NAC, 750mg of lysine, 250mg each of the mushroom extracts reishi and chaga, and lastly, the ever-present AstraGin at 50mg to improve absorption and overall efficacy.

Helm Of Awe is not only a sports nutrition company’s approach to the immune support space, but it is also a genuinely loaded competitor, being both an immunity-powering partner for fans of sports supplements and a high-quality offering for anyone looking to improve in that specific area. As mentioned, Viking Power is a house brand of the Swedish retailer MM Sports, which has Helm Of Awe in stock beginning this month at 379 for a bottle of 30 servings, 339 each for two, or 323 (30.82 USD) a piece for three.