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Viking Power starts the year with a supplement built specifically to increase your appetite

Viking Power Hrungnir

Viking Power won our International Brand Of The Year Award for 2023, and deservedly so, doing exactly what we look for by delivering several incredibly well-put-together supplements for new categories and dropping a few flavor extensions. We didn’t expect the MM Sports house brand to slow down moving into 2024, and that is indeed the case, as it has just dropped its first entirely new product for the year, and it is a good one, introducing Viking Power Hrungnir, formulated to increase and enhance your appetite.

The latest from Viking Power continues its signature Norse mythology naming theme, and as mentioned, Hrungnir is indeed an appetite enhancer, the opposite of the more common type of appetite supplement, where it’s designed to reduce or help one control their appetite. The aim of Viking Power Hrungnir is to go the opposite direction, increase hunger, and make it easier for you to eat more, whether that be because you have trouble getting in sufficient calories or you’re looking to grow and want to squeeze in an excess.

Viking Power Hrungnir Label

To achieve its rather unique goal, Viking Power has packed Hrungnir with a variety of enzymes to improve digestion, such as papain, bromelain, and the premium DigeZyme blend. Actazain branded green kiwifruit powder is there as well for its digestion and bowel regularity benefits, plus turmeric, dandelion and chamomile extract, ginger, cinnamon, hops, and the absorption enhancers black pepper and proven AstraGin. Again, the entire point of Viking Power Hrungnir is to stimulate appetite to then help improve nutrition intake, and as you can see, digestion and bowel health is involved as well to further drive that primary purpose.

We have seen a few appetite-enhancing supplements over the years, but it is certainly not a common type of sports nutrition product; in fact, we’d go as far as saying it’s one of the rarest. Viking Power is taking it on right out of the gate, in the first month of the year, and it’s brought together a pretty robust formula to deliver on that very specific benefit. You can grab Hrungnir from MM Sports, and it’s certainly on the premium side at 379 SEK (36.42 USD) a bottle, getting a little lower in a pack of three at 323 SEK (31.04 USD) each.