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VNDL squeezes a long list of ingredients into its superfood competitor Clean Greens

Vndl Project Clean Greens

VNDL Project has been a bit more active these last few weeks in the area of developments and innovation, pumping out some rather major moves, including a complete refresh of its online store offering an easier shopping experience and the launch of the standalone Clean Citrulline. Following on from that Clean named supplement this week comes Clean Greens, and while Clean Citrulline was as straightforward as it gets, that’s not the case in Clean Greens and its complex blend of superfoods.

Clean Greens from VNDL Project is indeed a dedicated superfood product, and it brings together a whole host of ingredients, making it a bit more of a premium competitor in the established category. In the area of superfood, the reputable Canadian company has plenty to support, including a lengthy list of fruits and greens, with the likes of chlorella at 2g, spirulina at 2.5g, 100mg of the branded Spectra blend, 50mg each of grape, strawberry, and blueberry, and several others such as celery, cranberry, and goji berry.

Vndl Project Clean Greens Label

There are a few components in VNDL Project Clean Greens that aren’t superfoods that bring additional benefits outside of the general health and wellness support, including a 50mg enzyme blend to improve digestion, 50mg of the immune health ingredient beta glucan, and the common organ support feature, milk thistle. Everything in the superfood formula has been packed into a flavored powder, with three tastes to choose from in Lemon Lime Twist, Pineapple Mango Tango, and the refreshing Fresh Berries.

As always, you can purchase the latest and greatest from VNDL Project directly through its online store, which as mentioned earlier, was recently revamped with a new look, easier navigation, greater education, and overall, a better shopping experience. A 30-serving bottle of the supplement will cost you $69.99 ($51.89 USD), not too far off other premium offerings in the superfood space.