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VNDL shapes its latest standalone supplement around pump-powering citrulline

Vndl Project Clean Citrulline

VNDL Project in Canada has built out a respectable essential or single-ingredient side to its business in the last year or so, adding some more straightforward, striped-down supplements, separate from the complex formulas we’re used to seeing from it in advanced sports nutrition categories. There is the comprehensive multivitamin Multi-V, DIM capsules, and Clean Creatine in unflavored powder and capsules, and starting today, there is another basic offering that explains everything right in its name.

Clean Citrulline is VNDL Project’s latest essential supplement, and again, it gets right to the point in its title, as all it features is, indeed, pump-enhancing pure citrulline. The weight of the product tips the scales at 300g, and since it’s a simple standalone item, you can divide that up however you please, whether that’s 6g a serving for 50 servings or all the way up to 30 servings at 10g. Clean Citrulline is also unflavored, making it easier to stack with other supplements, including, of course, a complementing pre-workout.

Directly from VNDL Project’s recently revamped online store, Clean Citrulline will cost you $39.99, and that is good value; as mentioned, you can get plenty of servings out of the product, even more so if you stack it with something that already has a bit of citrulline. Say you want 10g of citrulline in your pre-workout that already has 6g; you could serve up 4g from Clean Citrulline and have enough to dish out 75 servings.

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