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C4 Energy’s authentic Creamsicle flavor is exclusive to 7-Eleven for the next 12 months

Where To Buy Creamsicle C4 Energy Drink

Yesterday, we posted a lot about C4 Energy’s authentic collaboration with the legendary ice pop company Popsicle, and that you can now find its three special edition flavors of its signature energy drink in stores: Popsicle Cherry, Popsicle Grape, and Popsicle Hawaiin Pineapple. Another story we shared was that there is actually a fourth flavor put together in partnership with Popsicle based on its ice cream-centered Creamsicle product with an Orange Creamsicle C4 Energy Drink, although is not available everywhere like the others.

We were able to get in touch with the team behind the successful and widely available C4 Energy, and have details on where exactly you can get your hands on the Orange Creamsicle C4 Energy Drink. We had seen mention of it in a few places, but the official status is it’s exclusive to the convenience store giant 7-Eleven for the next 12 months. Presumably, after the year is up, you’ll find the Orange Creamsicle C4 Energy Drink in other retailers that carry the beverage, like Walmart, and specialty stores like GNC and Vitamin Shoppe.

Basically, if you want to try the new and authentic Orange Creamsicle C4 Energy Drink, drop by your local 7-Eleven or any of its subsidiaries like Speedway and Stripes. Creamsicle, as well as the other three Popsicle collaborations, have that same signature formula fans have come to rely on in the yellow-branded beverage with zero sugar, next to no calories at five a can, plus CarnoSyn to fuel performance, BetaPower, and 200mg of caffeine for energy.

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