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C4 Energy also creates an authentic Creamsicle flavor in partnership with Popsicle

Popsicle Creamsicle C4 Energy Drink

It turns out there is another flavor in the C4 Energy Drink authentic Popsicle collaboration, beyond the three currently rolling out to physical retailers and online stores, and introduced at NACS last year with Popsicle Cherry, Popsicle Grape, and Popsicle Hawaiin Pineapple. The catch with this one is that of the two places we mentioned earlier today where you can find the C4 Energy and Popsicle flavors — Amazon and — neither of them have it, suggesting there is some sort of exclusivity to this specific flavor.

Going alongside Popsicle Cherry, Popsicle Grape, and Popsicle Hawaiin Pineapple is a fourth authentic flavor creation with the more than century-old company in a Creamsicle C4 Energy Drink. This is based on Popsicle’s separate Creamsicle family of ice pops, which separates itself by having an ice cream center, giving it that smoother, creamier experience. C4 Energy is looking to replicate that combination in its authentic Creamsicle C4 Energy Drink, specifically inspired by the Orange flavor of Popsicle’s Creamsicle.

We did reach out to a few contacts at Cellucor and through social media to find out where you can find this, as again, it’s not available on Amazon or with the Popsicle trio of Cherry, Grape, and Hawaiin Pineapple. We’ve seen mentions of it at 7-Eleven and Walmart, but it would be nice to get an exact description of how fans get their hands on it, especially energy drink connoisseurs and collectors.

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