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Optimum’s limited S’mores flavor of Gold Standard debuts at a heavily discounted price

Where To Buy Optimum Smores Gold Standard Whey Bag

Optimum Nutrition has indeed followed through on the announcement we saw from the sports nutrition giant early last month, with the launch of a new S’mores flavor of its legendary Gold Standard 100% Whey protein powder, but not in your traditional 2lb or 5lb tubs. The flavor for the popular supplement has been produced in something more cost-effective than either of those options, and it’s not a normal size you’ll find in any of your usual Optimum Nutrition stockists; it’s specifically for one partner in a few flavors.

The tasty new S’mores Gold Standard 100% Whey comes in a 5.64lb bag, and now that it’s on the market, we have a couple of details that we didn’t have before that are well worth sharing. Firstly, the flavor extension is only available for a limited time, as it calls out on its packaging, and it is exclusively available at the membership retailer Costco. Some fans may have picked up on that immediately, as the 5.64lb bag is something they’ve had available previously at Costco, although only in classic Chocolate and Vanilla flavors.

The price of Optimum Nutrition’s 5.64lb bag of Gold Standard 100% Whey protein powder is usually $72.32 at Costco, but alongside the launch of the new and temporary S’mores flavor, that is being discounted a fair amount down to $57.32. That makes for a significant difference compared to a traditional 5lb tub of the supplement at, say, The Vitamin Shoppe, where a 5lb tub is currently on sale for $86.99, which works out to be about 64% more expensive per serving.