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Zoomad Labs follows up its basic tribulus with a straightforward fish oil formula

Zoomad Labs Omega 3

Almost one week ago, we had the eye-catching Spanish brand Zoomad Labs in headlines with another straightforward supplement, which calls out everything about itself in its name with Tribulus Terrestris + Zinc, featuring, of course, tribulus and zinc. The sports nutrition name is back again in the month of January, sharing details on another simple and basic product that lets out all of its details in its title with Omega 3, and it is indeed an omega-3-based supplement providing a great source of DHA and EPA.

Zoomad Labs’ Omega 3 is a relatively typical fish oil product, packing a gram of fish oil into each of its 90 softgels per bottle, breaking down to 120mg of DHA and 180mg of EPA. Those numbers are, however, promoted for a three-softgel serving on the bottle at 3g of fish oil with 360mg of DHA and 540mg of EPA. As seen on the brand’s other commodity-style supplements, Omega 3 has its signature skull symbol bursting out of the side, and you can expect to see it on shelves if not already, including at

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