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Australian brand Alien is expanding its presence in protein with a plant-based product

Alien Supplements Plant Protein

Alien Supplements in Australia already has protein powder on the market in Custard and Protein, the latter is backed entirely by high-quality and quickly absorbed whey protein isolate. You get the typical amount of protein per serving, which the brand uniquely listed as “Dry Base” meaning the protein you’d get if you completely dehydrated the product, not what you’d get if you just scooped and served as usual. The brand is now getting ready to expand in the category with something for those who lead a vegan lifestyle.

Alien Supplements has announced the coming of Plant Protein, a vegan-friendly protein powder featuring a blend of sources, combining together to provide a lean source of protein that’s low in sugar, carbohydrates, and fat, and has reasonable calories. Similar to the brand’s already available whey isolate-powered Protein, the upcoming Plant Protein is due to arrive with three flavors to choose from in tubs of 30 servings, and in classic recipes like chocolate and vanilla, and something a little more uncommon in salted caramel.

There is no set date for when Plant Protein is going to arrive, all Alien Supplements has said is that its third protein powder is hitting the market down under in Australia shortly, so fans will want to keep an eye out for it in their go-to Alien supplement store.