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Alpha Lion’s legendary limited series continues with a bit of Jurassic inspiration

Alpha Lion Acai Saurus Rex

Alpha Lion’s Pre-Workout Of The Month Series is one of the longest-running limited-time collections in the supplement industry, at least that we know of, stretching for about three years straight, where every month the brand has come out with an all-new special edition flavor for select pre-workouts. The length of time the series has been running is massively impressive, not to mention Alpha Lion’s ability to create something new and different every month, and here in February of 2024, as always, the line continues.

Alpha Lion has announced what is its 35th entry into the Pre-Workout Of The Month Series, taking on a bit of Jurassic Park inspiration with the marketing material and the flavor, which is Acai-Saurus Rex. The latest taste creation from the brand is an acai blueberry recipe, and it has been put together for the stimulant-backed Superhuman Pre and the stimulant-free Superhuman Pump. True to the series, both of them have been produced in limited amounts and will be available through in a couple of days on Tuesday, for three days only or until stock runs out, which has happened many times before.

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