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Body Science puts close to 10g of EAAs into every serving of its unflavored amino cocktail

Body Science Eaa

Body Science, a house brand from the major Swedish supplement store MM Sports, has proudly unveiled a straightforward amino cocktail designed specifically for muscle recovery and repair. The straight-to-the-point product features all nine essential amino acids to drive home the goal of better recovery. Packaged in a tub of 30 servings, each serving of Body Science EAAs provides a combined 9.8g of EAAs blend of EAAs, including the three all-important BCAAs — leucine, isoleucine, and valine — at 4.56g a serving.

Compared to MM Sports’ other house brand, Viking Power, the winner of last year’s International Brand Of The Year Award, Body Science is a much simpler sports nutrition competitor, as you can see in its newly released and relatively straightforward EAA. To make the supplement that extra bit clean, it has also been produced in unflavored powder, without any actual tastes like most other amino cocktails. As always, seeing as Body Science is a house brand of the store MM Sports, that is where you want to go to get your hands on its latest product, at 249 SEK (24.06 USD) with 10% and 16% discounts on double and triple packs.

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