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MM Sports put Creapure into capsules under its more basic house brand Body Science

Body Science Premium Creatine

The Swedish supplement store MM Sports in Sweden, has many house brands, including one of our favorite sports nutrition brands on the market right now in the growing, reputable, and highly-effective Viking Power. Another one of the retailer’s own lines of products is Body Science, which is a lot more extensive than Viking Power, with a significantly longer list of supplements, many of those simple and straightforward, not like your typical Viking Power offering, and this week the brand has added another in Premium Creatine.

MM Sports and Body Science’s Premium Creatine is a standalone capsule product, and it is indeed creatine that’s the star of the show, but it isn’t ordinary creatine. The brand utilizes premium, high-quality CreaPure creatine monohydrate this time around at a dose of 750mg in each of its 120 capsules a bottle. You can divide that how you like, whether it be 3g a serving for 30 servings a bottle or five capsules for a larger 4.5g of strength and power-supporting creatine, but that’ll result in a lower 20 servings, lasting you three weeks when taken daily.

Body Science from MM Sports already has several other creatine supplements on the market, many of those in powder format and much more cost-effective than the capsule-style and CreaPure-powered Premium Creatine. Through the retailer’s website at, you’ll pay 249 (23.48 USD) for a single unit of the drop, with MM Sports’ usual discount for multi-unit discount at 225 each for two or get the three-pack for 209 (19.71 USD) a piece.