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Recently acquired BPI Sports previews four upcoming innovations including 1MR OG

Bpi Sports Return With Original Supplements

A few months ago, the legacy supplement company BPI Sports was acquired by the manufacturer and multiple brand owner, Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals, and alongside that announcement, it was said it’s being repositioned and set up for a stronger future focusing on long-term growth. Another interesting part of the acquisition announcement was the promise of some completely new product innovations in the very near future, and now it turns out, not long after that news came in, we’re getting a bit of everything.

BPI Sports has revealed four supplements that are about to hit the market, and they’re a blend of entirely new products and the return of some of its most iconic and recognizable names. The four items the brand has said are coming very soon are Best EAA, a more complete spin-off of its amino cocktail Best BCAA, featuring all nine EAAs, and Hydro HD, a protein powder powered by premium hydrolyzed whey isolate.

The other half of the upcoming supplements from Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals’ BPI Sports are RoxyShred, an evolution of its original stimulant-backed fat burner RoxyLean, and a hard-hitting version of the product that put the brand on the map in the 1MR pre-workout called 1MR OG. Based on the title, it looks as though BPI is aiming to deliver something reminiscent of its original, DMAA-era iteration of 1MR, which, again, is something that really put it on the map and should make for a very interesting pre-workout.

All of those supplements from BPI Sports — 1MR OG, RoxyShred, Hydro HD, and Best EAA — are due to launch and hit the market shortly and are very much just the beginning for the sports nutrition brand. As mentioned in that Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals announcement, BPI is shifting and focusing its moves on long-term growth, and if we’re getting this sort of action this early on, there is likely plenty more excitement to come.