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C4 Ultimate family gets a complete refresh with Dynamine, Velox, CarnoSyn and more

Cellucor Generation V C4 Ultimates

All of the supplements featuring Cellucor’s fresh new branding in its family of C4 pre-workouts have undergone changes both inside and out. The sports nutrition powerhouse has put just as much effort into the ingredients and dosages jammed into each of its products as it has its updated look and feel. The selection of C4 Ultimate pre-workouts is mong that list of completely revamped supplements, and under what is called Cellucor Generation V, which involves C4 Ultimate, C4 Ultimate Shred, and C4 Ultimate Strength.

Cellucor has taken an interesting, consistent approach with all of its C4 Ultimate pre-workouts, in that each of them — C4 Ultimate, C4 Ultimate Shred, and C4 Ultimate Strength — has all of the same ingredients and dosages as the regular C4 Ultimate. What separates them is that Ultimate Shred has added components to support fat loss and weight management, and Ultimate Strength has three additional features to improve and enhance muscle strength, performance, and size.

C4 Ultimate 2024 Label

Generation V C4 Ultimate

The core ingredients (above) driving Cellucor’s Generation V C4 Ultimate include 1.5g of NO3-T creatine nitrate, CarnoSyn’s high-quality beta-alanine at a full and effective 3.2g, 3g of the patented and proven pump blend Velox, 1.25g of BetaPower betaine anhydrous, and 200mg of the AI-discovered lentil peptides PeptiPump, also in the regular C4 Original. Taking care of the energy and focus is a gram of tyrosine, a strong 300mg of caffeine, 50mcg of huperzine a, Compound Solutions potent blend of Dynamine and TeaCrine, and 1mg of alpha yohimbine.

C4 Ultimate Shred

For C4 Ultimate Shred, Cellucor has taken everything found in the regular C4 Ultimate, minus NO3-T, and blended it with 250mg of the premium fat burner Mitoburn, 100mg of Oligonol lychee and green tea extract, 20mg of cayenne, and 40mg of CaloriBurn branded grains of paradise. Again, that is all in combination with what you get in C4 Ultimate, meaning Ultimate Shred has the same performance, energy, focus, and extensive pump support with the thermogenic, metabolic, and fat-burning benefits of those additional components.

C4 Ultimate Shred Label

C4 Ultimate Strength

For Cellucor’s other comprehensive C4 Ultimate variant, C4 Ultimate Strength, as mentioned, you have all of the same ingredients and dosages as the regular edition, including the NO3-T creatine nitrate, plus more creatine by way of 4g of classic creatine monohydrate. The premium performance-enhancer elevATP has also been thrown in at 150mg and 2.4g of the AI-discovered muscle-building ingredient PeptiStrong used in Cellucor’s testosterone booster P6 Ultimate. They all combine for a more performance-powering experience, as well as muscle building by way of the creatine and innovative PeptiStrong at its full 2.4g dose.

C4 Ultimate Strength Label

Where to buy

The first place you can get your hands on any and all of the rebranded C4 pre-workouts from Cellucor is the specialist retailer The Vitamin Shoppe, where the revamped C4 Original is now available, as well as a couple of the Ultimate supplements in C4 Ultimate and C4 Ultimate Shred. The cost of the regular C4 Ultimate and its more packed formula is a little higher than its predecessor at $49.99 for a tub of 20 maximum servings; then, for the new C4 Ultimate Shred, you will pay the same as its last iteration at $54.99.

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