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Cellucor’s many different C4 pre-workouts get a fresh new look and improved formulas

Nutrabolt 2024 C4 Rebrand

One of the most known brands in the world of pre-workouts is Cellucor’s C4, due to its incredibly extensive distribution, where it has a presence in mainstream stores and specialty retailers, as well as its international powerhouse presence with availability in countries all across the globe. The sports nutrition giant has an instantly recognizable name and branding, the latter of which has just changed. Officially announced today, is a complete rebrand of the C4 pre-workouts by its parent company Nutrabolt.

The new look of C4 puts a lot more attention on the C4 title, where it’s been increased in size to almost entirely cover from left to right, alongside a few specific highlights above and below. Those callouts include the benefits of each specific C4 supplement, the usual total of servings and tub weight, and around the top, you get a band with the flavor name and a suitable color gradient. Behind those details, there have also been some changes, with Nutrabolt opting for a much more eye-catching yellow.

Nutrabolt Rebrand C4 Original

That background does change between each of the C4 supplements, especially the Ultimate Series of products. On that note, it is worth mentioning the rebrand is only one aspect of what Nutrabolt has done to its strong-selling selection of pre-workouts. Alongside the makeover, the sports nutrition company has gone in and reformulated each of the supplements, putting in more active ingredients than before; introducing some entirely new C4 innovations; and, most impressively, it’s maintained its various price points.

The products Nutrabolt’s rebrand has been applied to include Cellucor’s flagship C4 Original, C4 Sport and its spin-offs C4 Sport Strength and C4 Sport Ripped, and the more packed premium offerings, C4 Ultimate, C4 Ultimate Shred, and C4 Ultimate Strength. We’ve got the facts panel below for the revamped C4 Original, where you get a few key differences but a similar balance and purpose, with 2g of CarnoSyn’s high-quality beta-alanine, 1.2g each of patented Velox citrulline and arginine, 100mg of PeptiPump lentil peptides, and 200mg of caffeine.

C4 Original 2024 Label

The team behind C4 and its many pre-workouts has clearly put a mountain of effort into its makeover, which indeed goes beyond the look of the products and into the ingredients and dosages, as well as flavors. The release of the revamped C4 supplements also actually involves some authentic collaborations, such as a partnership with Hawaiian Punch, transforming its iconic Fruit Juicy Red flavor into an option for a couple of its products in C4 Original, the cost-competitive C4 Sport, and the premium C4 Ultimate.

Nutrabolt and Cellucor are rolling out the new look for the C4 pre-workouts beginning this month, and you will certainly have a hard time missing it; as mentioned, it is prominent and will have no trouble standing out to those both looking for the brand or anything in the direction of the pre-workout section.

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