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Lemon and cola bottles looking likely to be the next two flavors of Conteh’s Hydra Flow

Conteh Cola And Lemon Hydra Flow

Conteh Sports is among the extensive list of sports nutrition companies that has entered the hydration category over the last couple of years, and it did so with a simple selection of ingredients in Hydra Flow, bringing together a few vitamins, elderberry fruit extract, and a solid 3g dose of Cocomineral coconut water. The supplement comes in the usual flavored powder format with a hefty 60 servings a tub, and it is currently available in three flavor options, all refreshing and based on a familiar fruit with Cherry, Mango, and Berry.

Shortly, Conteh Sports is expanding the menu of its hydration competitor Hydra Flow, giving fans another two tastes to choose from, taking its menu to a total of five. The UK-based brand has not completely shared the names of those extensions, but it’s passed on a teaser that has enough details for a confident guess. The graphic above shows two tubs of the product, one beside a lemon and the other a candy cola bottle, leading us to believe those new flavors are relatively simple with a Lemon and Cola Candy Hydra Flow.