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Core Nutritionals absolutely packs out its first-ever Doug Miller Pro Series supplement

Core Nutritionals Ascension Pre Workout

Doug Miller and Core Nutritionals have taken the covers off the first-ever Doug Miller Pro Series supplement, and as suspected from all of the hype and anticipation, it is a premium product with the sole purpose of having everything Doug Miller himself could want in a pre-workout. The reputable brand has taken many common and reliable ingredients and thrown them into what is officially named Core Nutritionals Ascension, featuring an absolutely loaded serving, each of them tipping the scales at 40g.

Based on the idea that Core Nutritionals Ascension has everything Doug Miller could want in a pre-workout, the list of highlights for the supplement should come as no surprise. It has every area of this sort of product covered and intensely covered, supporting energy, focus, pumps, performance, and strength. The Ascension pre-workout has your daily dose of creatine monohydrate, known for its ability to improve muscle strength, performance, and power, and it is in the mix at 5g in a maximum serving.

Creatine monohydrate is just one of 16 major ingredients in the first Doug Miller Pro Series supplement, Ascension, with a few others in the pre-workout to further drive performance and endurance, including the likes of taurine and an extra large hit of beta-alanine at 6.4g. Driving the pump portion of the Core Nutritionals Ascension pre-workout is a star-studded selection with a huge 10g of pure citrulline, not citrulline malate, premium VasoDrive at 508mg, 2g of HydroPrime branded glycerol, and a reliable 3g of the ever-effective NO3-T nitrates, specifically NO3-T arginine nitrate.

Creatine Monohydrate5,000mg
NO3-T Arginine Nitrate3,000mg
HydroPrime Glycerol2,000mg
Caffeine Anhydrous300mg
zumXR Caffeine (70% yield)135mg
Bitter Orange (30% synephrine)100mg
Huperzine A20mg
Alpha Yohimbine2mg

Filling out the rest of the formula behind Core Nutritionals Ascension pre-workout are the stimulants and other ingredients increasing and enhancing the energy and focus, which does, of course, include caffeine at a combined 400mg from caffeine anhydrous and zumXR extended-release caffeine. Adding even more to the sensory side of the Doug Miller Pro Series product is huperzine a, pregnenolone, a 600mg hit of alpha-GPC, 2g of tyrosine, 100mg of the premium CognatiQ, previously Neurofactor, and 2mg of potent alpha yohimbine.

Altogether, Core Nutritionals has indeed strung together a powerhouse formula for its Ascension pre-workout, deserving of being the first Doug Miller Pro Series supplement. It has you covered in all of the core pre-workout areas, and in some places, it over-delivers, especially with that hefty 10g of straight citrulline in addition to NO3-T nitrates and VasoDrive. Core Nutritionals Ascension pre-workout will be launching at the highly-anticipated Arnold Expo next week, with availability through the brand’s website at the same time.