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Canned water giant Liquid Death introduces a hydration supplement called Death Dust

Death Dust By Liquid Death

Liquid Death has become a beast of a beverage company over the few years it’s been on the market, with its signature canned water now internationally known and a ridiculously popular competitor in the water space despite not looking anything like the rest. The brand sells still and sparkling mountain water from the Alps; flavored sparkling with options like Berry It Alive, Convicted Melon, and Severed Lime; and a family of Iced Teas, including Slaughter Berry, Grim Leader, and Dead Billionaire, all in tall 19.2oz aluminum cans.

While Liquid Death’s business has been all about water, this year, it is moving into the world of sports nutrition supplements, specifically the hydration space, joining the likes of Prime and Liquid IV. The beverage giant has introduced Death Dust, which is a blend of vitamins and minerals jammed into tear-and-go stick packs. They are essentially hydration sticks, with an electrolyte breakdown per pack of 300mg of sodium, 40mg of magnesium, and 200mg of potassium, alongside a selection of vitamins such as C, B6, and B12.

There is some nutrition to Liquid Death’s Death Dust hydration supplement, so they’re not completely sugar or carb-free, with 9g of carbohydrates per stick, almost all of that being added sugar at 8g, giving you a calorie count of 35. The idea is, you rip open a pack, pour it into any can of Liquid Death water, or a bottle if you prefer, mix it up, then drink for the benefits of the product’s five vitamins and hydration-supporting electrolytes.

There are three flavors available for Liquid Death’s foray into supplements, all of them based on already available options of its flavored sparkling water in Convicted Melon, Manog Chainsaw, and Severed Lime. At the moment, you can not purchase them individually; the only option is a box of 12 single-serving stick packs with four of each of the three different tastes. You can get those boxes beginning this week through the online retailer Amazon at a reasonable price point of $17.99, which works out to $1.50 each per stick.