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Deformulator February 6th: Jym inspired puzzle with a stack of Pre and Post Jym up for grabs

Deformulator x Jym Supplement Science

Deformulator was delayed a bit this week by a day, but it’s online now over at, and it’s a special one that we’ve taken a very specific angle into. After Performax Labs presented the prize for last week’s round with a stack of ProWheyMax, the pre-workout Hypermax, and the pre-workout shot Hyper-3D, we have Jim Stoppani’s brand Jym Supplement Science leading the charge. The prize up for grabs this week is a bundle of the brand’s first-ever complex product in Pre Jym and the complementing Post Jym.

As for the fictional facts panel we’ve created, it is heavily inspired by the supplement up for grabs, so much so that you could probably match each of the dosages and get it correct first try. You still get the same amount of retries this week at five, each taken 24 hours apart, but you will need to be a little quicker as we’ve sped up the completion limit to three minutes. As always, you can try your hand at Deformulator over at and get yourself in the running for that full-size Pre Jym and Post Jym prize pack.