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Devotion wants to encourage you to drink more water with its hydration product HydroFLEX

Devotion Nutrition Hydroflex

Another brand has entered the hydration space; although it’s not your typical sports nutrition competitor, it is Devotion Nutrition. The brand was originally known for its concentrated flavor packs called Flex Flavor, and its incredibly thick and flavorful protein powder in some genuinely on-point options. Devotion has moved into many other categories, and now it is in hydration with HydroFLEX, built entirely to support, enhance, and improve hydration and performance with a blend of vitamins and electrolytes.

Devotion Nutrition HydroFLEX isn’t completely loaded with electrolytes, breaking down per serving to 105mg of sodium, 10mg of potassium, and another 10mg of calcium, plus a selection of vitamins, most of them at 100% of their daily recommended value like vitamin C, niacin, and vitamin B6. The supplement isn’t anywhere near as loaded as some of the other sports nutrition brands tackling the hydration space, but it clearly has some electrolytes in there, with some nutrition too, as each serving has 6g of carbohydrates, none of that sugar, and a calorie count of 15.

Devotion Nutrition Hydroflex Label

Another benefit Devotion Nutrition is promoting for HydroFLEX is the versatility and benefit of how good it tastes, similar to its original Flex Flavors, which were stick packs of flavor to throw in water, smoothies, shakes, and so on. HydroFLEX has that same versatility, as it comes in single-serving stick packs that you can tear open and throw in your water bottle or other beverage to add the flavor on the packet, as well as those key functional benefits of the product in supporting hydration and general health via the vitamins.

Devotion Nutrition has made a nice selection of flavors for the debut of HydroFLEX, four to be exact in the multi-fruit recipe Party Punch, the citrusy and smooth Orange Cream Swirl, and the two cocktail-inspired recipes, Pina Colada and Classic Margarita. They are all due to be available shortly through the brand’s online store alongside its well-flavored protein powder and a few other supplements at $19.99 for a bag of 12 stick packs, or spend just a little bit more at $21.99 and try the collection in a variety pack with three stick packs of each of the four flavors.