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1st Phorm adds another flavor to the menu of its energy drink but this one isn’t permanent

Dream Berry 1st Phorm Energy Drink

Sports nutrition giant 1st Phorm may have come out with its energy drink simply named 1st Phorm Energy back in the later stages of 2022, but it has only just started adding flavors to its menu. The product, backed by 200mg of caffeine and the premium focus-enhancer NeuroFactor, hit the scene in Orange Sunrise, Cherry Lime, Citrus Blast, and Blue Raspberry. Three months ago, 1st Phorm Energy finally landed its first flavor extensions in Tropic Lightning and Screamin’ Freedom, and then in December, we got the special edition reskin of Orange Sunrise.

The excitement around 1st Phorm’s energy drink continues this month with another addition to its menu; however, unfortunately, this one is not sticking around. The supplement company that also dabbles in the functional category has put together a sweet Dream Berry 1st Phorm Energy, but it is a limited launch, so not permanent like those mentioned above. The extension reflects that status in its look, as it has a standout, alternative design covered in red and pink swirls, and you can get it now while it’s still available for $32.99 a case at