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Dunkin’ introduces its own energy drink with as much as 192mg of caffeine in two flavors

Dunkin Sparkd Energy

The quick and convenient food and beverage giant Dunkin’ has made its way into the world of sports nutrition here at Stack3d, and this time, it’s not by way of a collaboration with the legacy brand Dymatize, which it’s teamed up with for three authentic flavors, including a Dunkin’ Glazed Donut protein powder. Being served this spring at the 1,000s of Dunkin’ locations across the country is its very own energy drink, officially named Sparkd Energy by Dunkin’, available in two refreshing, fruity, and bubbly flavors.

Dunkin’ Sparkd Energy features a variety of vitamins and minerals, and to officially make it an energy drink, it has a good amount of caffeine that obviously varies depending on the size but is definitely enough to provide an uplifting level of energy. In the small, medium, and large sizes of Sparkd Energy, you get 96mg, 144mg, and 192mg of caffeine, respectively, each of those putting the beverage right around other popular energy drinks with that 144mg close to a Monster Ultra and 192mg, Ghost Energy.

The two flavors Dunkin’ Sparkd Energy has debuted in are Berry Burst and Peach Sunshine, and they do unfortunately come with a lot of sugar, so for those that prefer low to no sugar and calories, this may not be for you. Depending on the size you grab, you’re looking at 18 to 37g of carbohydrates and up to 36g of that sugar, putting the calorie range at 80 to 170. You can get them now at Dunkin’ locations alongside its always popular selection of coffees, variety of delicious donuts, and many other beverages and foods.