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Ekkovision is taking its signature approach to pre-workouts into energy drinks

Ekkovision Energy Drink Flavors And Launch

It was only three months ago that Ekkovision said it was hard at work developing an entry into the fast-growing and ever-evolving energy drink space, and now it looks as though that highly-anticipated product is not far from launch. The still young and exciting company has confirmed that the approach it’s taking in energy drinks is similar to how it tackles the pre-workout space. It is going to be theming various beverages around some of its star athletes and ambassadors, giving them their own signature energy drinks.

Four flavors have been named for Ekkovision’s upcoming Ekkovision Energy Drink, again all of them themed around members of its team with Joel Twinem’s Blue Raspberry, Strawberry Lemonade, Dylan O’Brien’s orange dreamsicle-inspired Orange Cream, and lastly, Strawberry Cream from Baxter Hosley. The brand is aiming to have two of those four flavors for its initial rollout, no word on which two, and the timeframe for that release is either the middle of next month or the middle of its anniversary month in April.

The one final and crucial detail we are missing is the formula that is going to be powering the Ekkovision Energy Drink, although we’re fairly confident it won’t disappoint. Despite being a young sports nutrition brand, Ekkovision has shown it can craft powerful and effective supplements, even in the intensely competitive pre-workout category. We have to assume that will continue into its upcoming beverage, where we get a lot more than your typical energy drink, and again, the product itself is only one to two months away.