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Dethroner 3.0 currently in development with a sizeable serving at just under 40g

Ekkovision Talks Dethroner 3 Development

Ekkovision recently revealed that its powerhouse pre-workout, the legendary Dethroner, known for its incredible total of premium, branded ingredients, would be making a return after being discontinued somewhere near the middle of last year. The young and growing brand said it would be switching to exclusively producing signature pre-workouts, only those that are themed around its athletes and ambassadors, which again led to the end of Dethroner or what was Dethroner 2.0 at that time.

In typical style of Ekkovision, it has been sharing updates on the development of what will be Dethroner 3.0, and if anyone was wondering what kind of approach we’re getting in the highly-anticipated return of the supplement, it is going to be much the same as the previous iterations. The brand plans on packing as much as it can into the pre-workout for a comprehensive blend of energy, focus, pumps, and performance, and plenty of those are going to be premium, as seen in the original with 14 branded components and the sequel at 12.

Eurovision has not shared too much about any of the ingredients and dosages going into Dethroner 3.0, but it’s shown off a beta sample of the formula it’s currently working with, and it’s pretty jacked, falling just shy of 40g at 39.4g. The serving size isn’t always a direct reflection of how good a supplement performs in the gym, but coming from Ekkovision, a brand known for its well-formulated and highly effective pre-workouts, and that 40g serving, it’s very likely going to have plenty of worthwhile actives.

Ekkovision made mountains of noise with its original Dethroner; it certainly helped put the brand out there and establish it as a respected and reliable supplement company. Almost two years later, after all of the growth the brand has gone through, we’re going to get an evolution of that product, and we look forward to seeing how it turns out. Ekkovision has always been a fast mover, so while Dethroner 3.0 is in development at the moment, it won’t be long before that goes into production and becomes available fo purchase.

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