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Life Pro’s functional family welcomes a strong selection of cooking oil sprays

Fit Foods Life Pro Nutrition Spray

Our 2023 Functional Brand Of The Year winner, Life Pro Nutrition, from Spain, is continuing to keep things interesting and intriguing in the first couple of months of 2024 despite the mammoth number of innovations and creations it brought to market last year. The newest drop from the brand is Life Pro Fit Food Spray, and it’s not really anything overly unique or functional with added ingredients and so on, more or less something you may already have in your kitchen, but now you can simply get it from Life Pro Nutrition.

Life Pro Fit Food Spray is a family of cooking oil sprays, again, similar to traditional oil that you spray on the pan, but in this case, it’s from Life Pro Nutrition in Spain. There are four versions or bases; with Sunflower Oil, Avacado Oil, the soy-based Soy Sauce, then lastly, Extra Virgin Olive Oil. The last one on that list is the more exciting offering, as it mixes things up by having various flavors to choose from in a neutral Extra Virgin Olive Oil, then the actual taste options in Garlic, Basil, Lemon, and last but not least, Black Truffle.

Again, Life Pro Nutrition’s newly released Life Pro Fit Food Spray isn’t anything functional or alternative with added protein or active ingredients; it is as simple as it sounds putting those various oils into cans for convenient use via spray. No matter which variant you decide on, directly from the brand’s online store, they all cost the same at €7.50 (8.08 USD), except for Sunflower Oil at €5.90, and that’s for a full-size 200ml can.