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Life Pro puts on a show throughout 2023 and rightfully wins Functional Brand Of The Year

Life Pro Nutrition Functional Brand Of The Year

The Functional Brand Of The Year award for 2023 is going to a rather unsuspecting company that doesn’t actually specialize all that much in the area, but genuinely put on a show this year, displaying an immense amount of creativity, effort, and output. The award that has been won by two brands across its four-year lifespan is Life Pro Nutrition, a Spanish company that is well-known for its sports nutrition supplements and now also an intense selection of functional foods.

Life Pro Nutrition has added to its functional food family a lot over the years, however, on all of those occasions, it was in and around a higher level of attention in the area of sports nutrition and advanced supplements. This year that was not the case, and the brand simply went on a tear, adding well over ten entirely new functional creations, healthy foods, or better-for-you snacks. The most important part about that is the majority of the drops were far from anything common.

For those that weren’t watching as closely, our 2023 Functional Brand Of The Year, some examples of Life Pro Nutrition’s effort included Ice Dream which is a pot of powder that you quickly turn into protein ice cream, Creations miniature high-protein donuts, and two chip-style options in Protein Chips and Protein Nachos. We also can’t forget its practically no-nutrition pasta made with konjac fiber and the OMG Burger Series, consisting of packets of burgers or patties, in all sorts of varieties, including Truffle Cheese Chicken, Chicken with Sausage, Smoked Beef, and Veal with Cheese.

As mentioned, Life Pro Nutrition put on a show here in 2023, pumping out more completely new and incredibly intriguing functional creations than any other brand we saw, and within that spree was incomparably variety, especially with the OMG Burger collection of meats. Life Pro deservedly takes home the Functional Brand Of The Year Award and it has us extremely excited for 2024 as it has proven over the years it doesn’t slow down and only goes bigger and better.