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Flow puts superior bioavailability ioWhey in its competitor for the clear protein space

Flow Clear iowhey Protein powder

Clear protein is a sub-category that has exploded in the UK and Europe over the last few years, with the likes of Myprotein really driving its expansion in a massive amount of extensions, including new flavors, authentic flavor collaborations, and various strategies including a clear gainer and clear meal replacement. The North American market has latched on in more recent years, with several established sports nutrition brands getting in on the action, the latest of which is Zachary Levi’s Flow Supplements.

Flow Supplements has revealed and released Clear ioWhey, and as some might be able to gather entirely from the name, this is no ordinary clear-style protein powder. The brand powers its product with premium Ingredient Optimized ioWhey isolate, which has an incredible equivalency feature that puts it beyond your standard whey isolate. ioWhey has superior bioavailability and absorption and is backed by data that shows 22g of ioWhey is equivalent to 30g of regular whey isolate, and in Clear ioWhey, you get 25g.

The complete nutrition profile in Flow Supplements’ Clear ioWhey protein powder pairs that 25g of muscle-building protein, all from the high-quality and more bioavailable ioWhey, with a light 2g of carbohydrates, no sugar, zero fat, and 110 calories. Staying true to the category and style, the product exclusively comes in refreshing fruity options, four to choose from with a classic Fruit Punch, two straightforward tastes in Grape and Watermelon, and something a little more intriguing in Italian Lemon Ice.

Flow Supplements has its all-new Clear ioWhey available for purchase directly through its online store at $39.99 for a bag of 15 servings, and this isn’t the brand’s first outing in the protein powder space. While they are no longer on the Flow website, Pure Plant Protein and Protein Plus are its previously released efforts, although while Clear ioWhey is indeed whey-based, those two are or were entirely plant-powered.