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Fresh Supps makes a limited Pink Lemonade flavor for Nutrition Faktory’s next grand opening

Fresh Supps X Nutrition Factory Pink Lemonade Pre Workout

The fast-growing newcomer Fresh Supps has made its way into a lot of different stores and stockists around the country and even across the globe despite only being in business for about one year. This coming week, it is showing its brick-and-mortar partners some love, or at least one partner in particular, by putting together a special edition flavor specifically for it. The lucky retailer receiving the extra attention is the reputable and reliable Nutrition Faktory, which is opening an all-new store on Saturday of next week in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

Alongside the grand opening of that show, Fresh Supps has produced a limited-time Pink Lemonade flavor of its signature and well-rounded pre-workout, loaded with 6g of pure citrulline for pumps, beta-alanine for performance, focus-enhancing CognatiQ, and a reliable 300mg of caffeine for energy. When we say the brand has put together Pink Lemonade for Nutrition Faktory, we wholeheartedly mean that, as the product is actually exclusive to the store, with availability from this coming Saturday, and you will not be able to get this anywhere else.