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Frontline aims for less energy and more focus in its Operation Delirium pre-workout

Frontline Formulations Operation Delirium

Operation Delirium is the newest supplement from the team at Frontline Formulations, and it is another entry into the pre-workout category, where the brand already has plenty of competitors by way of Gauntlet, the pump-powering Pumpageddon, and the high-stimulant Crucible. Operation Delirium separates itself from Frontline’s other offerings by being less about stimulants, especially next to Crucible, but much higher in the area of focus and cognition, making it sort of a nootropic-style pre-workout.

Frontline Formulations Operation Delirium is indeed low in energy, as again, the focus of the supplement is two of the other core benefits of a pre-workout. The caffeine is nice and light at just 169mg of combined caffeine, 100mg of that classic caffeine anhydrous, and the rest from slower-releasing zumXR caffeine.

Outside of the light energy, Frontline Formulations has packed a fair amount of ingredients and dosages for better muscle pumps in Operation Delirium despite still squeezing and packing in that extra attention on focus and cognition. To power pumps, there is 6g of citrulline malate at the usual 2:1 citrulline to malic acid ratio, 50mg of the S7 blend, 750mg of agmatine, and 2.5g of betaine. Taurine is in the mix as well at a gram per maximum serving plus an effective 50mg of AstraGin for its ability to improve absorption and overall efficacy.

Frontline Formulations Operation Delirium Label

Lastly, we get to the nootropic portion of Frontline Formulations of the Operation Delirium pre-workout, which, as the brand has said, is the area this supplement puts a bit more emphasis on. Bringing up the focus and cognition in the product is a gram of tyrosine, another gram of choline bitartrate, half a gram of DMAE, 200mcg of huperzine, and the premium and proven component, 100mg of CognatiQ, previously known as Neurofactor.

The nootropic-style Operation Delirium pre-workout is available for purchase directly from Frontline Formulations’ online store, and it’s not the most expensive competitor the brand has in the category, but it’s up there at $49.99 for a full-size tub. You actually get plenty of servings in Operation Delirium, or at least more than the common 20 servings at 25, and it has a good amount of flavors to choose from in Hawaiian Punch, a candy-inspired White Gummy Bears, and an all-out fruity recipe in Strawberry Banana.