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Furocity goes even deeper into protein by way of a ready-to-drink offering

Furocity Protein Shake

Tyson Fury’s brand Furocity started out in the world of energy drinks, but it eventually moved beyond that, getting into caffeinated chewing gum and popsicles, and then it jumped into protein by way of the Power Protein Bar. The heavyweight boxing champion that just dropped its original beverage in a flavor called Fearless has further expanded its protein selection, introducing a product that merges its original format and convenient high-protein by way of the Furocity Protein Shake.

The newly released Furocity Protein Shake is not one of the leaner competitors in the world of ready-to-drink protein beverages, providing a solid 25g of protein in a compact 235ml bottle, with the primary source of protein being skimmed milk. The rest of the product’s nutrition profile consists of 12 to 13g of carbohydrates, almost all of that sugar at 12g, under a gram of fat, and calories of 156 to 157, and there are two flavors to choose from in a classic Chocolate and sweet Strawberry.

Like the rest of the energizing and nutritious offerings from Tyson Fury and his functional company Furocity, you can get its second protein-packed entry from the supermarket giant Iceland, and the price isn’t too bad for something quick and convenient at £1.25 (1.57 USD) each.