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GAT puts together its most comprehensive pre-workout to date in Nitraflex Kaos

Gat Nitraflex Kaos

Among GAT’s list of star supplements from across the years, alongside the likes of the testosterone-boosting muscle builder Testrol and fat burner JetFuel, is the pre-workout Nitraflex. The product has seen numerous versions in its time, like Nitraflex+C, Nitraflex Burn, NItraflex Pump, and the more recent Nitraflex Black. The latest evolution of the brand’s long-running family of pre-workouts is Nitraflex Kaos, and despite being around for as long as it has, this has turned out to be GAT’s most packed-out pre-workout to date.

Stim and Stim-Free

Nitraflex Kaos has an absolutely loaded 36g maximum serving, and all of that goes to the primary purpose of powering a great workout; supporting energy, mental focus, muscle pumps, hydration, and performance. There are also actually two versions of the supplement, with a black-branded iteration that has all of the ingredients and respectable dosages, and a white-branded alternative that has everything the same, except no caffeine, theobromine, or Dynamine, as it is indeed a Stim-Free Nitraflex Kaos.

Loaded formula

The formula for GAT’s newest pre-workout Nitraflex Kaos, can be seen in the image above, and that is the standard stimulant-backed version, with again, the Stim-Free Nitraflex Kaos having everything the same but not caffeine, theobromine, or Dynamine. In saying that, those three are the driving force behind the energizing side of the product with theobromine at 200mg, the premium stimulant Dynamine at 100mg a serving, and the caffeine pushing up to 350mg from a blend of green coffee bean and ZumXR.

Gat Nitraflex Kaos Label

Also providing a bit of a hit in GAT’s Nitarflex Kaos are the many focus-supporting ingredients, by way of 2g of tyrosine and a gram of phenylalanine, then you have all of the pump and performance components in the supplement. As mentioned, the brand has put together its most packed pre-workout to-date in Nitraflex Kaos, and the pump and performance side is where that shines. Joining those many other features mentioned is 2.5g of betaine, 3g of premium NO3-T nitrates — 2g citrulline nitrate, and a gram of beta-alanine nitrate — a further 8g of pure citrulline and 6g of beta-alanine, and 5g of classic creatine.

Where to buy

Basically, if you’re a fan of past Nitraflexs, this is a jump in terms of comprehensiveness and just how much GAT has managed to squeeze in. It is a strong response to the increasing number of premium pre-workouts on the market, but it does not carry that typically 50 to $60 premium price. Vitamin Shoppe has added the supplement to its online store, where it is discounted to $43.99 for a tub of 20 maximum servings or $39.99 for the Stim-Free Nitraflex Kaos, both in Berry Lemonade and White Cherry Limeade flavors.