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Turkesterone comes to GAT Sport and its mostly basic Essentials Series

Gat Sport Turkesterone

GAT Sport is one of the many sports nutrition brands out there with a straightforward, commodity-style collection in the Essentials Series, and it is extensive. The legacy company has all sorts of products under it, including Beta-Alanine, Creatine HCl, Triubulus, ZMAG-T, and some slightly more complex offerings in Men’s Multi+Test, Liver Cleanse, and Joint Support. Recently, GAT added to that family with another main ingredient-named item in Turkesterone, featuring the muscle building and recovery-supporting turkesterone.

Like some of the other supplements in the simple GAT Sport series, the title ingredient isn’t all that’s in this one. Each of the 60 capsules per bottle has half a gram of ajuga turkestanica, standardized to 10% turkesterone to support muscle strength, size, and recovery, plus 5mg of black pepper to improve and enhance absorption and efficacy. You can get the product directly through the brand’s online store at at $39.99 for that bottle of 60 capsules, which breaks down into 30 capsules at two a piece.

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