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Glaxon continues its partnership with PEZ in an authentic Strawberry flavor

Glaxon Pez Strawberry Electro Creatine And Astrolyte

Past Newcomer and Brand Of The Year Winner Glaxon revealed and released a major authentic collaboration last year, where it got involved with the classic candy dispenser company PEZ for a whole bunch of special edition flavors of some of its top-selling supplements. The collection consisted of a genuine PEZ Lemon flavor of the pre-workouts Plasm Surge, Specimen Max, and Specimen Genesis, and a PEZ Grape flavor of the muscle-building Electro Creatine, the fat burner Thermal, and the hydration competitor Astrolyte.

To make it an even more authentic partnership, Glaxon puts a stick of actual PEZ candy in each of the tubs to remind fans of the real thing. Here in February, a little more than half a year after the debut of the PEZ Lemon and PEZ Grape flavors, the sports nutrition specialist has got together with the legendary company and pumped out a completely new experience. Now available through Glaxon’s online store at is a PEZ Strawberry flavor for two of the supplements PEZ Grape comes in with, Electro Creatine and Astrolyte.

Glaxon is running a limited-time sale in line with the debut of its authentic PEZ Strawberry Electro Creatine and Astrolyte, where you get 25% off everything, including the collaborations, bringing a tub of the hybrid hydration-supporting creatine to $22.49 and the dedicated electrolyte-fueled Astrolyte also to $22.49 for a tub of 45 servings.