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Glytch gets together with survival video game The Cecil for a blood orange flavor

Glytch Z Toxin

Glytch is one of the rare gaming supplement companies that goes beyond the traditional energy and focus-supporting product and into other areas to drive a healthier lifestyle, including a hydration supplement, a sleep aid, an eye health formula, a stimulant-free nootropic, and even a testosterone booster. The brand’s signature competitor, Gaming Energy, is indeed built to increase energy and enhance focus with a whole host of flavors, many of them creatively named like Nerdies, Limit Test, Foxy Lemonade, Predator, Aim Assist, Falcon Smash, and Smurf Juice.

There is a new taste in town this month for Glytch’s flagship gaming supplement, Gaming Energy, which is no slouch in the formula department either, featuring 300mg of Alpha-Size alpha-GPC, a full and effective 100mg of CognatiQ, previously NeuroFactor, 225mg of combined caffeine, and absorption-elevating AstraGin. The latest flavor for the Glytch product is called Z Toxin, a blood orange experience inspired by the survival video game The Cecil: The Journey Begins, and you can get it directly from the brand’s online store at a price of $32.95 for a tub of 30 complete servings,

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