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Introducing GNCX Innovations and its line of prototype sports nutrition products

Gncx Innvoations

GNCX Innovations is a line of products from the retail giant GNC that comes across as a very prototype-style selection of sports nutrition supplements. All of the items keep the branding incredibly minimal, with no flavor callouts or anything of that nature, just straight to the point with pure information. There is a QR code on the front of each product for you to scan and submit feedback, and further to that prototype vibe, they all say below each of their respective titles: Prototype V1 or Protoype V2.

As experimental as all of the GNCX Innovations supplements feel, you can head over to and purchase any of them just as you would everything else it has available. There are currently four different products under the brand or line, each of them for a popular category, and they all have two flavors, which is where the Prototype name comes in. The taste is highlighted on the supplements, but none of them have the same Prototype number. For example, there is the Passionfruit Lemonade Clear Protein Prototype V1, although the Acai Berry Clear Protein is labeled as Prototype V2.

Gncx Innovations Clear Protein

Clear Protein and Healthy Gut Protein

All of the products under GNCX Innovations are pretty advanced and comprehensive, starting with the aforementioned Clear Protein. That is indeed a clear protein powder, coming in refreshing fruity flavors, providing 20g of protein a serving, all from whey isolate with a lean 90 calories, plus the DE111 probiotic blend to improve gut health. Then there is GNCX’s Healthy Gut Protein packing 25g of protein a serving from whey concentrate, plus 4.5g of inulin, digestive enzymes, and that same premium DE111 to deliver on the functional benefit in the title of a protein powder that also supports gut health.

Anytime Energy

The other two GNCX Innovations supplements are slightly more interesting, with Anytime Energy, a rather unique caffeinated superfood formula. This one brings together a berry-based antioxidant blend, reishi mushroom extract, eleuthero extract, 10g of collagen for its usual beauty benefits, and coffee bean providing 100mg of natural caffeine. The goal here is to really combine all of those ingredients and their effects to support hair, skin, nail, cognition, and immune health, and provide uplifting energy.

Gncx Innovation Anytime Energy Label

Test Pre-Workout

Last but not least is GNCX Innovations Test Pre-Workout, an intriguing approach to the extremely saturated space that has a balance of ingredients and effects you won’t see in many other competitor out there. You get some of the usual pre-workout suspects in here with 3.2g of beta-alanine, 1.5g of Nitrosigine for pumps, 3g of strength and power-driving creatine, and 200mg of caffeine. Then alongside that, to mix things up are the testosterone-boosting components, maca and horny goat weed at 100mg each, PrimaVie branded shilajit, and the highly-studied and proven KSM-66 at its full 600mg a serving.

Gncx Innovations Test Pre Workout Label

Where to buy GNCX Innovations

As mentioned, you can purchase any of the GNCX Innovations directly through, including Clear Protein, Healthy Gut Protein, Anytime Energy, and Test Pre-Workout, all with two different flavors to choose from. Their pricing is pretty consistent, as the protein powder Clear Protein and Healthy Gut Protein are both $39.99 for full-size tubs of 20 servings. Anytime Energy continues that theme and sits at $39.99; however, for a bottle of 30 servings, then for Test Pre-Workout, that is $49.99 for that monthly supply of 30 servings.