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Gorilla Mind leaves out the “counterproductive fluff” in its daily multivitamin

Gorilla Mind Elite Multivitamin

Gorilla Mind has come through on its promise and launched its first-ever vitamin and mineral supplement, Elite Multivitamin, and it features the process you’d expect from the reputable sports nutrition brand where it simply aims to give you everything you need from a multivitamin and nothing you don’t. The supplement comes with 27 different main ingredients to support all of your micronutrient needs and provide optimal support for general health and wellness.

While there are plenty of packed-out multivitamins on the market from similarly-minded companies, filled with extra ingredients and components for additional benefits and coverage in other areas of health, that is not the case here, and there is a reason for that. Gorilla Mind Elite Multivitamin is designed as a pure vitamin and mineral product without any of what it calls “counterproductive fluff”. This way, the supplement covers the multivitamin needs of individuals from all walks of life, from everyday to advanced athletes, and if you want those extras, you can purchase them separately.

Gorilla Mind Elite Multivitamin Label

You can see the complete breakdown of everything Gorilla Mind has squeezed into Elite Multivitamin in the facts panel above, which is designed to be taken in a serving of three capsules twice a day. The fully transparent label rattles off everything at the single serving amount, so you can double them for the totals the brand is recommending for your daily intake. That includes the usual suspects like vitamins A, C, and D at 1.5g, 400mg, and 50mcg, respectively, as well as 30mg of zinc, 200mcg of chromium, and MK-4 and MK-7 vitamin K2 at 1mg and 180mcg.

Gorilla Mind has gone for superior, higher bioavailability vitamins and minerals where it can, and again, all for the purpose of giving you a quality, well-rounded multivitamin to take once in the morning and once again in the evening, with 30 daily servings a bottle to supply you for a typical month. This sort of supplement is a day-to-day essential for hard-training individuals as well as general lifestyle, and it’s available for purchase straight from the brand’s online store at a pricey $49.99, or subscribe to get a bottle every month and pay a nicer $39.99.