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Gorilla Mind officially debuts at GNC with the exclusive Berry Burst flavor of its energy drink

Gorilla Mind Energy Drink Now At Gnc

Gorilla Mind has made its official debut at GNC, with the Brand Of The Year for 2023 coming out and announcing that you can now find and purchase it in over 2,000 locations spread all throughout the country. Similar to how Gorilla Mind started its relationship with The Vitamin Shoppe, there is just one product at GNC. That item is the well-dosed and highly effective Gorilla Mind Energy Drink, featuring a genuinely one-of-a-kind formula including 400mg of alpha-GPC, 200mg of uridine, 15mg of saffron, and a moderate 200mg hit of caffeine.

In addition, and as previously confirmed, Gorilla Mind has made its way into GNC with an exclusive new flavor of its energy and focus-enhancing beverage, again similar to when the brand and Gorilla Mind Energy Drink hit shelves at The Vitamin Shoppe. Fans can find the convenient, energizing experience at GNC in four flavors with Black Cherry Vanilla, Arctic White, Orange Rush, and the all-new Berry Burst. The refreshing berry option is the GNC exclusive, so if you want to try the 13th overall taste, drop by your local store or head over to