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Vitamin Shoppe flavors get wider availability as Gorilla Mind rolls into GNC

Gorilla Mind Vs Flavors No Longer Exclusive

Gorilla Mind delivers on its promise, at least last year it did, by following the launch of its highly effective and nootropic-style beverage, the Gorilla Mind Energy Drink, with at least one new flavor for every month after it arrived. While it wasn’t exactly once a month fans were treated to an additional option, the average pace was around that, and among that list of extensions to the product’s menu, were a handful of exclusives that didn’t go live at, they were only available from The Vitamin Shoppe.

Those exclusive flavors of the Gorilla Mind Energy Drink included Lucky Lemon, the recent Tropic Storm, and the original Sour Watermelon Candy. Just over five months after that whole partnership began between the reputable sports nutrition brand and retail giant, those three flavors mentioned are no longer only available at The Vitamin Shoppe. Beginning this week, you can still get them from the supplement store, but now also and the same goes for the exclusive flavors of Gorilla Mode Base.

The loss of exclusivity and wider availability of Lucky Lemon, Tropic Storm, and Sour Watermelon Candy Gorilla Mind Energy Drink, not only comes five months after Gorilla Mind found its way into The Vitamin Shoppe, but also as the brand starts showing up at GNC. The supplement company recently announced a partnership with that other sports nutrition retailer, which has picked up its energy and focus-supporting beverage, and it’s also been given its own exclusive flavor like Vitamin Shoppe once had in Berry Burst.