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All-new premade pizza base from GymBeam opts for more traditional macros

Gymbeam Pizza Base

GymBeam already had a pizza product on the market, and by product we mean a better-for-you pizza dough called Protein Pizza. It comes in powder form, which you combine with some water to form a dough that you stretch and bake into a complete pizza base to throw on all of your favorite toppings. The European giant has taken things one step further this month with the reveal and release of the simply named GymBeam Pizza Base, and while that original item was a powder, this is a packaged, premade, ready-to-use pizza base.

The all-new Pizza Base from GymBeam is a bit more convenient than the previously released Protein Pizza, although it doesn’t have that same functional approach to nutrition. A 140g base is made with a simple five ingredients and has 10.7g of protein, 10.9g of fat, 67g of carbohydrates, 6g of that sugar, and a calorie count of 420. That is not like Protein Pizza, where you get more protein than carbohydrates at 58.8g of protein and 50.4g of carbohydrates, delivering on the name of the offering and, again, more functional than Pizza Base.

You can grab GymBeam’s Pizza Base straight from its online store at €2.50 (2.69 USD) for a pack of two 140g bases, or if you want to stock up, there is a box of 20 packs, which is 40 pizza bases, and that works out to €2.35 per pouch. Again, keep in mind you are not getting the same high-protein benefit as the brand’s original Protein Pizza, but if you don’t mind the trade-off of convenience over nutrition, then head on over to

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