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Strawberry Smash hits stores alongside Island Burst for Powerade’s signature sports drink

Island Burst Powerade

Giant hydration brand Powerade joined the long list of those revealing and announcing new flavors at last year’s NACS Show in Atlanta, Georgia, introducing the intriguing Sour Series consisting of three sour fruity creations in blue raspberry, green apple, and watermelon. Another one of the tastes the sports drink brand unveiled was Strawberry Smash, although it wasn’t for Powerade’s signature product but Powerade Zero, which pairs all of its usual hydration-fueling electrolytes with absolutely no sugar and zero calories.

All these months later, Powerade has finally and officially launched its Strawberry Smash Powerade Zero, although that’s not all it’s rolling out to market this month. The brand’s sweet strawberry creation for its no-calorie competitor is hitting coolers alongside a fresh new tropical recipe named Island Punch for the standard Powerade drink. Both of the flavor extensions offer each of their respective products’ usual highlights, with over half a gram of combined electrolytes and 34g of sugar in the Island Punch Powerade.

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